Xocolat - Ecuador

100% Ecuadorian aromatic cacao

Aroma, taste, and texture are all components of amazing and simply decadent chocolate. , Many long hours have been taken in research for the best beans, it is not easy to create and earn this title, and yes, it all starts with the bean. Few make it into the selection for our chocolates. But it goes further, the filling is as important to the product as the quality chocolate. Only some rare organic fruits and nuts, fresh vanilla pods from locally grown orchids and other fine ingredients make it to our finished creations.

Luxurious from start to finish, that is our aim.  Once unique chocolates are produced, they need to be handled with care. Chocolates are not touched until you eat them, our chocolatiers use hand crafted bamboo tweezers to manipulate each individual creation. Chocolate this good deserves it!

24 gourmet organic chocolates are packed in beautiful crafted boxes, each with our seal of warrantee, we pack our boxes with a pair a tweezers for your use and also 2 serviettes. To satisfy all chocolate lovers we offer a variety of dark chocolates (65% to 80%), milk chocolate and even white chocolate, for those who aim for this taste.

As mentioned before, to produce incredible chocolate, it is crucial to master every step of the production and verify both the quality and origin of the bean. At Xocolat-Ecuador we go further, our creative chocolatiers and chefs have rescued a large selection of old recipes and fused exotic fillings to recreate, and improve flavors making our chocolates exquisite. All our ingredients are natural, no preservatives or colorants, no alcohol or external vegetable fats, no emulsifiers and a very high pure cacao content, we also use very little sugar.

Today, the Ecuadorian cocoa is a mix of the Nacional and the Trinitarian (introduced after 1920 because it was resistance to diseases). The cacao known in the world as Ecuadorian Aromatic Cacao (Arriba) is the result of the unique weather conditions for its cultivation offered here at the middle of the World.

Delicious blends of chocolate filled with uniqueness

Creating unique chocolates of high quality and rare ingredients have made the secret that everyone talks about. Our chocolates are hand-made with no mechanic aid. One by one they are created … a perfect blend of excellent chocolate aromas and flavors filled with exceptional combinations of rare and fresh ingredients. Each one, has the power to make you close your eyes and experience the richness of the mighty Andes, transport your soul to a world of taste, sweetness and tradition.

Once you taste Xocolat-Ecuador chocolates you cannot go back to any other!